The Wisconsin Chapter of AFCC received full Charter Chapter status from AFCC International on November 6, 2014.

It is a growing, inclusive community of interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to improving the family court system and its outcomes for children and their families.  Members of the Wisconsin Chapter are judicial officers, attorneys, psychologist and other mental health professionals, Family Court Services professionals, mediators, evaluators, educators and program administrators.

The goals of the Wisconsin Chapter are:

1. To provide professionals throughout the state with education, communication, research, and a forum for exchange of ideas.
2. To identify and promote best practices.
3. To provide regional collaboration within the state, thereby increasing consistency in the policies, practices, and local rules of the family courts and related entities throughout the state.

2023 AFCC-WI Chapter Officers

Daniel Bestul, J.D. – President

Graham Wiemer, J.D.- President -Elect

Shelby Brandsma, LCSW – Vice President

Theresa Kelly-Arnes, BSW – Secretary

Christine Knudtson, J.D. – Treasurer

2023 AFCC-WI Committees

The Chapter has nine Committees and one Advisory Council.
Please consider volunteering to serve on a Committee!

2023 Chapter Board of Directors

In addition to the Officers, the Board of Directors for 2023 include:

Tiffany Highstrom, JD
Casey A. Holtz, Ph.D
Hon. Kristine A. Snow
Elizabeth Matola, LCSW
Nina Bartell, Ph.D.
Paul Stenzel, JD
Ginger Murray, JD
Jamie Epstein, JD
Sarah C. Whiting, JD
Eric Zaeske, JD
Alexandra Crampton Ph.D
Commissioner Michael Rust, JD

Administrative Contact

About International AFCC

AFCC is an international professional organization that has been since its inception in 1963, the critical point of intersection for judicial officers, attorneys, and mental health professionals working with family court issues.

AFCC provides opportunities for cross-professional communication and training. Wisconsin AFCC has as its mission, to bring cutting edge interdisciplinary educational programs to our state, and to generate ideas to benefit high conflict families and children in the Wisconsin Courts system.

More information is available on the National AFCC website.

Chapter Past Presidents

2013 - Hon. Michael Dwyer
2014 - Hon. Dolores Bomrad
2015 - Carlton Stansbury, JD
2016 - Lynn Galbraith-Wilson, JD
2017 - Beth Huebner, Ph.D
2018 - Josie Cusma, LCSW
2019 - Christine Knudtson, JD
2020 - Hon. Sally Anne Danner
2021 - Shelby Brandsma. LCSW
2022 - Daniel Bestul, JD